Al Abdulkarim Holding Co. (AKH) is one of the largest importers and distributors of electrical materials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Since its formation in 1973, AKH has continuously dominated the market as the Most High Sales Performance Awardees from major world leading manufacturers and suppliers with complete range in electrical materials.  After it earned successful business growing continuously, AKH expanded towards the field of communications, instrumentation and lighting.For over three decades, the activities of AKH are tailored to meet the individual need of clients.  With the support and expertise of its strong sales team which provides professionally high quality services to various clients throughout the kingdom.AKH’s strategically spread network Showrooms, Warehouses, and Projects / Wholesale Offices throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is providing effective support to client’s specific requirements covering a wide range of products.AKH’s parallel itself with convergence of technology and computer science that offers opportunity and a change to gain competitive advantages over other business by exploiting the Information Technology know-how.  IT knowledge simplifies its day to day transactions from our Head Office to our kingdom wide warehouses down to projects / wholesale offices and showrooms throughout our on line connectivity that enable us to serve our clients more effectively.Our Head Office and the “Integrated Project Office” in Dammam of multi-national team of qualified staff and professional engineers support our customers by proposing and recommending technically acceptable approved materials conforming fully to project specifications at most competitive prices.  Our valued customers are furnished with complete technical details, catalogue and material certificates for onward submission to end users, proponents and consultant for review and approval.