Growing Opportunities

Analyst and observers in the Saudi economic and investment circles have unanimously agreed that the recent decisions and laws regulating foreign investments, came within the context of finalizing a completely interrelated and fully integrated economic and administrative system aimed at creating a favorable investment climate with a view to attract local and foreign investments and capital into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The recent accession of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to W.T.O. creates additional opportunity to Al Abdulkarim Holding Co. of continuously strengthening its relationship towards foreign manufacturers / suppliers of which AKH is an exclusive agent of their wide ranges of products.  On the other hand, AKH is continuously getting the benefit of a big share in the local market’s fast and ever growing demands and requirements of AKH’s line of products aside from clients in GCC countries.
And in this timely stage progress in the market, Al Abdulkarim Holding Co. is optimistic in the company’s feasibility studies of investing and opening its business outside the Kingdom and targeting the neighboring Middle East countries like Kuwait, Qatar and U.A.E.